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Stirring a cauldron of psychedelic, world and progressive music, Endless Valley immerse audiences in a world of grooves, guitars and Nayivadan chants. Clad in red with faces hidden by masks, Endless Valley tell tales from the ancient lands of Nayivada.

The name Endless Valley symbolises ocean floors that if emptied, would connect continents. Their sound ranges from driving, danceable rhythmic grooves to hypnotising layered melodies, with no end of borders challenged in between.

Jamming on stages at Jungle Love festival, the Princess Theatre and The Zoo to packed crowds, Endless Valley always seek to connect audiences with the ground they stand on, the air they breath and the people that surround them.

Debut album 'Nayivada' takes listeners through mystic melodies and folk inspired riffs that listeners of King Crimson, Goat and Kikagku Moyo will connect with.

In their latest single 'Brahma Muhurta, Endless Valley weaves through a psychedelic forest filled with transient rhythms and fuzzed-out guitars. Touring down the east coast of Australia to celebrate 'Brahma Muhurta’, Endless Valley connects audiences to both the sun and the earth with an immersive live set.

Current on stage band members are Cavell Schipp (guitar and vocals), Brad Schipp (bass guitar), Luna (lead vocals and percussion), Nicole Perry (drums), and Seb Ward (lead guitar).




Sat May 13  Sunshine Coast  Nortons Music Factory for RIFF MOUNTAIN

Fri Aug 18  Brisbane  The Brightside with Church of the Cosmic Skull (UK)

Full info and tickets via the venue and at


Fests played:

Jungle Love Festival  | Concrete Jungle  |  BSA Fest  |  Divine Frequencies 

Double Baked  |  Aftermath  |  Sonic Gravy  |  Weasel Fest



  • Feature artist on 4ZZZ and 2SER radio stations

“On their latest single, Endless Valley usher you into a psychedelic-carved haven of balance and tranquillity. Vast, formidable, and utterly beautiful; welcome to the world of Nayivada.'' 


''There were eight people on stage and the vocalist convulsed her body as she sang. Everyone wore white. The flutist was deep in concentration. Their harmonies were sprawling and worldly and everything was backgrounded by a tribal drum groove. I had never heard of anything quite like it."


"A potent world of eclectic prog and worldly psychedelia."