08 February 2017  Christian Tryhorn

Resurrection of an aussie giant : Beats VS SUPERHEIST

Forefathers of Australian Nu-Metal SUPERHEIST have returned with a vengeance and are visiting regional areas in February on the back of their highly successful 'Don't Call This a Comeback' National Tour.

The massive late 90's act, which blew minds at Big Day Out appearances when they actually meant something, will perform on the Sunshine Coast for Beats Cartel at The V Room (Villa Noosa) on Friday 10 February and at The Spotted Cow in Toowoomba on Sunday 12 February, in a move sure to excite a hardened fanbase in this their first regional push in over a decade.

The band, now fronted by well known Aussie heavy icon Ezekiel Ox, isn't coming out underdone either with pundits calling their new album Ghosts of the Social Dead,  produced and mixed in Los Angeles by Jay Baumgardner (Evanescence, Bush, Papa Roach, Coal Chamber), the band's greatest work to date.  The album hit #17 on the ARIA Album Chart and #3 on the indie ladder.

With a recent lineup change bringing in early bassist Si Durrant and new skinsman John Sankey (Devil You Know, Fear Factory, Devolved), the Heist have skated out the other side of controversy and are ready to unload.

Appearing live with the band over the two regional shows will be Holistic, New Clear Vision, Mace & The Motor and Vahlia.

We had a chance to sit down with the band recently:

So great to see you guys back in action, you made all my late 90s hard rock playlists with the highlight seeing you at the 2002 Big Day Out!  Why did you decide that the time was right for a return to the scene and how come it took so long?

The band was dead, until DW decided the time was right again. He had an epiphany in a temple in Egypt, and knew he had to start writing again, then once Ezekiel committed, it was in full swing.

We've heard a lot of back and forth about lineup changes in the last couple of weeks, sackings, quittings etc.  Can you set the record straight on what's happened and what you guys have planned to move forward as a band?

Superheist has welcomed previous bass player Si Durrant back into the fold, which is really exciting. We've also managed to secure the services of John Sankey on drums. He's a weapon, played with Devil You Know and Fear Factory. In the end, the band was moving forward, and certain elements were holding that back, this will now not be a problem. The important thing to note is that the songwriters remain, and a new single will drop soon. 

The new material is super powerful, have heard a preview of the album, you must be pretty stoked to get this out there into the public arena?

The album is great, DW and Ezekiel are really proud of what they created with Jay in Hollywood.  Plenty of the old, but a lot of the new. The response has been huge, fans are loving it, and it's been charting well.

How has having Ezekiel Ox as the front man changed the band's sound and approach?  He's been one of the country's best frontmen for some time now with stints at Mammal and The Nerve amongst others.  What brought that colab initially about?

It hasn't, Zeke brings a strong focus on writing the songs, and obviously he kills it live. The collaboration came about because DW headhunted Zeke. After looking around the scene, he was the only frontman that Norton felt could take it forward.

You're all due to hit the road nationally on the back of new album release 'Ghosts of the Social Dead' as part of a mega regional run.  What's the difference between regional and city crowds in your opinion?

It's easier to find a park in the regional towns, easier to find good coffee in the city. Seriously though, our fans are the same all over: super intelligent and sexy. 

How has the Australian Heavy/Metal scene changed in your 13 year absence?  Does that help or hinder the band's re-entry?

UNFD have had a huge impact on what is selling. Bands like Parkway Drive have taken Australian metal to the world. The metal scene is stronger now than ever, so get out and support the shows!

Top 3 tour tips for up-and-coming musicians?

1. Sleep whenever you get the chance
2. Soundcheck is important
3. It's all about the fans, without them, you are nothing


08 February 2017  Christian Tryhorn