09 December 2016  Christian Tryhorn

Six piece Pirate Rock band Lagerstein have seen more of the world than many, having rocked and plundered their way through a host of countries since their maiden voyage back in 2011.

The Brisbane Folk Metal powerhouse, fresh off the release of their latest album 'All For Rum & Rum For All', have toured both nationally and throughout Europe this year alone, bringing the 'power of party' to a widening legion of fans worldwide, who often themselves come dressed for the occasion in full pirate regalia. 

We had a chance to walk the plank with The Majestic Beast from LAGERSTEIN in the lead up to their Sunshine Coast show (answers below).

There just ain't enough pirates kicking around today, how's life as a pirate in modern day society?
Ahoy! Life is great being a pirate, we’re on a never ending quest to conquer the globe. We get to spread our pirate love and put on the best parties! We can’t wait to bring the party to the sunny shores of Noosa!​

Where do you draw your inspiration to come up with rollicking Rock sea shanties?
We sail the skies in our flying pirate ship the S.S Plunderberg adventuring around continuously being inspired by the people we meet, the places we visit and the fun times being had. We want to create the most fun, party, pirate music for the listeners and create melodies that are so catchy by the end of the song you can already sing along!   ​

What's the most pirate thing that has happened to you guys on the road?
We were over in the UK on tour with Alestorm and the barkeep locked us in the bar for the night and well into the next day. He said any drink is yours. We were able to fill up our right boots from the taps all the way up to the brim. We drank many shots, rums, vodkas, cocktails and plenty of beers with a heap of our crewmates. It was one of the greatest days ever! ​

You guys have set up your own festival called LagerFest.  We just watched GizzFest, King Gizzard's fest too.  Do you think this is where a lot of bands will head in the future?
Aye, we have our festival called LagerFest, 2017 will be it’s 4th year running. After the success of this years we are very excited to be expanding it. Next year will see the festival not only in Brisbane but we will be bringing the day down to Sydney and Melbourne over 3 consecutive Saturdays. We see it as a great way we can play with many of our friends bands, have some fun together and drink and party all day and night long! Potentially more bands might host festivals of their own. Now that Soundwave, Big Day Out and Legion Fest are not happening, there is now a hole where the rock and metal community misses out on these great days. We want fans to be able to experience these days still! 

You're currently touring your 'All for Rum and Rum for All' album across the country.  How is it being received?
We’re blown away by the response of ‘All For Rum and Rum For All’. It is insane the amount of crew who know every single word to our songs. Majority of the crowds dress up in their pirate attire and really get into the mood of being a pirate for the day. Every show we play we’ve been well received with jig pits, wall of deaths, campfire sing-a-longs and the funnest party times! Some of the crew even bring their own beer bongs and join us doing shoeys. Every show has a real house party vibe where everyone parties with each other, it’s the best! ​

Top 3 touring tips for up-and-coming bands hitting the road?
We love travelling, adventuring and spreading our pirate shanties to everyone we meet. The 3 biggest tips we could give, is you have to love what you are doing. Touring in Australia can be rough as the distances to each city is generally minimum 8 hours. You have to be willing to not have showers for a few days, run on minimal sleep. Every crowd you perform to, you have to give it your absolute all. If you want any kind of success you have to deliver the most entertaining show to the people who see you. They will tell their friends and the next time you perform in their city it will grow. Persistence, dedication and passion is key!

Lagerstein's on-stage Rock ship, the S.S. Plunderberg, will be raising their steins and hoisting their sails as they crash the party shores of the Sunny Coast on Friday 16 December at The V Room in Noosa as part of a national tour.  Joining the famed pirates will be psychedelic Rockers Reud Mood, Led Angels and ILL EAGLES.  Entry is FREE, doors from 8.00pm.  Bring your party hat as this will be summer pirate party like no other. Prost!

Cheers for the chat lads!  All the best on the voyage.

For more information please contact bookings@beatscartel.com.