Australia's kings of Grindcore King Parrot have cemented themselves as one of the top handful of Australian extreme metal bands. Their hell-raising live show, full of energy, ferocity and hilarity, confronts and entertains audiences alike, complimenting solid critical acclaim (2015 ARIA nomination, Best Act and Heavy Album awards etc).

New offering 'Dead Set' is a relentless aural assault proving that somehow the band show no signs of wear and tear following a brutal touring schedule through Asia, North America, Europe and Australia since their inception back in 2011.

On the back of the recently successful Thrash, Blast and Grind National Tour, the Parrot are coming to play The V Room in Noosa on Friday 03 March for their ***ONLY SUNSHINE COAST SHOW*** on the back of cancelled Monsoon Rockstock.  In support are She Cries Wolf, Holistic, Endless and New Clear Vision.

We had a chance to sit down with Matt, singer from King Parrot in the lead up to the Sunshine Coast show for a chat and a cup of Bonox:

 The recent Trash, Blast and Grind Tour with Psycroptic, Whoretopsy and more looked epic.  How was it for you guys? Any tour highlights?

The recent tour was a real treat for us, we don't often get a lot of say on who we go out on the road with but this time, we weere able to get together with our brothers from Psycroptic and put together one of our most successful Australia/NZ tours ever. We were blown away by the number of people that came out to see it. I think selling out Max Watt's in Melbourne was a real highlight for us, there was  incredible energy in the room that night... 

You guys are knows as one of the most intense live acts in the country.  Do you go into each show thinking fuck yeah let's tear it up or does it just happen?

After playing as many shows as we do it just kinda happens, we don't plan or pre-meditate, so every show is just as wild as the next. We always put in 100% energy and try and get the crowd involved a smuch as possible. The shows itself has just evolved naturally and its been cool to see how far its come over the 5 or so years we've been in existence. 

I first came across you guys through your awesome music vids, was sold on the characters from the get go!  Any plans to put the vid characters back into action for another saga?

Oh yeah, of course. Its a big part of what we do now, and we love making videos. We're currently working on getting the new album finished, so it should see light of day before this years out, and of course that means more videos... 

You've completed some pretty gnarly tour runs through the US, how were you received over there?  Heading back any time soon?

Definitely, we will be touring world wide in the second half of 2017, and probably most of next year too. 

The response has been great in the US, its a tough country to crack but we are hopeful that we can continue to make good inroads there. The people are great, same for Europe, and we love getting over there to play and visit and sample all the awesome sights and food. We have a relentless work ethic as a band and don't really plan on stopping anytime soon. You really have to become established as a touring band these days, and we love doing the hard yards on the road.

Name 3 Aussie heavy acts you guys are digging right now.

Black Rheno from Sydney are doing great things in Australia right now and are about to head over to SXSW in Austin Texas for the first time, so I am super stoked for them. Hidden Intent are a great thrash act out of Adelaide and are currently on tour with Nuclear Assault and getting ready to record their new album. Daemon Pyre from Sydney are also a killer act and are pushing the envelope when it comes to melodic death metal and I wouldn't be surprised to see them rising up through the ranks and breaking out internationally pretty soon.

Top 3 tour tips for up-and-coming acts?

Don't get too wasted. It's annoying and you look like an idiot to everyone except yourself, and its impossible to put on a good performance when you are trashed, and your performances for the days to come will suffer too. 

Learn when to shut up. After weeks/months in a van or bus together the last thing people want to hear is someone constantly shooting off at the mouth. Silence is golden on tour, Respect it. 

Look after your instruments. It's paramount to take care of your weapon of choice on the road and give it love everyday, clean it, tune it and treat it well. 

There's a million other things I could write but those are pretty important... 

We'd like to thank Matt for taking some time out to talk with us!  All the best with the upcoming recording lads.​

28 February 2017  Christian Tryhorn