​​Sunshine Coast Pscyh | Stoner | Blues act Hobo Magic have in the space of two years, risen to be one of the country's best bands in the genre/s, having played with a host of touring acts on the back of their huge wall of noise/groove approach.  We first caught them a few years ago and have been impressed ever since!  

We had a chance to have a chat with Connor Mitchell, guitarist and vocalist from Hobo Magic before their show this Friday at Villa Noos

1. I've seen you guys play many times now, the energy onstage is always electric.  What makes a good show for you guys?

Well first thing is how loud we can push the volume on stage to get the sonic vibes flowing, we all really dig getting into a trance when we play and with the volume maxing out it allows us to get fully immersed in the music, as if we were jamming out.  Another thing is seeing people having a good time as much as we are and grooving to the jams, it’s a surreal thing seeing it and really amps us up!  I'm amped just answering this question haha!

2. It's awesome but pretty rare to see young dudes repping Blues and 70's Psych Rock.  What were your influences growing up?

Growing up we were all influenced by a lot of classic 70’s legends like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Budgie and Free. Carter listened to a lot of punk and hardcore music also which has brought a harder edge to our sound.  Classic blues, jazz and soul were also a favourite growing up, Jimi Hendrix, Rory Gallagher and Robin Trower, even early iron maiden and some cheeky thrash metal could be heard cranking at times. The atmosphere and sound that came out of the 60’s and 70’s is totally magical and inspired us to try push the level of musicianship and the sound that they made the blueprint for. Nothing can beat that old groove hehe

3. Why do you think the Psych Stoner Blues scene is so underground in Australia?

Well firstly our music ‘industry’ or whatever you want to call it is so mismatched with what bands and sounds get pushed to the limelight of radio and the media. JJJ and most of the commercial stations don’t want a bar of the underground scene in Australia. There’s a heap of really awesome blues, stoner, psych and doom bands getting around the country and a really epic scene, but with the nature of the beast it takes a lot of hard work to get a foot hold. It makes the bands that play the style more of a big family, people seem to stick together and support each other with gigs and promotion, which is what music is all about and that’s really cool to see and be a part of. 

4. The band has had a solid rise to becoming one of the QLD go-to bands for touring acts coming through.  Who have you enjoyed playing with the most?

It has been so awesome being honoured with supporting some of our favourite bands and some legendary international names over the past two years. I think playing with Earthless and Elder on the same night at the crowbar was one of the most epic shows we’ve been a part of. Earthless took everyone on a journey and Isiah Mitchell was making that guitar sing! Elder are one of the most progressive bands in the genre and to see them live was a powerful experience, they have a power to take you on a journey with their music which is a rare thing.  Playing with Lecherous Gaze and Radio Moscow was definitely up there also, they are legends!  

5. What do you see in the future of Hobo Magic and how do you think we can get the Psych Stoner Blues scene on the map?

Well for us, we are focusing on getting our second album released this year and then touring the shit out of Australia. We are going to try and get to all the places we haven’t played in the country yet and cover as much ground as possible! Then get a tour in Europe happening, we all haven’t been over yet. The bands are incredible and a lot of people over in Europe love rock n roll, so it would be a funky good time for sure. Getting a third album written is also on the cards this year and to put on a few rad shows around the place to keep the train moving. 

To get the scene on the map… Its just about doing what the bands that play the music do best. Love the music first. There are so many young dudes around the coast and the country that are digging the heavy groovy style and are starting bands and getting their friends into it. Its like a snowball effect. Supporting each other and pushing cool gigs and bands is also another big thing, the scene is stronger when everyone works together, and slowly the word is spreading about gigs and new bands which is radical too see.

It’s the perfect style of music for people that don’t connect with the new DJ sound and bands that seem to lack imagination and soul, it doesn’t have limits or a trend to follow, I think that’s why when people see a show and listen to more of the style, it gets infectious and they want more.

Hobo Magic bring their groove invasion to the stage at Villa Noosa on Friday 19 August.  In support are Reud Mood, Zong and The Cloacas

Doors at 8.00pm - Entry is FREE.

Cheers for the chat Connor!  All the best with the gig, next album release and the rest of the year.

17 Aug 2016  Christian Tryhorn