I studied media and marketing and found myself working in commercial radio as an announcer and creative writer, after two years of selling my soul to music I didn't believe in, I quit, travelled and returned to own a live music venue in Victoria. From booking some of the biggest Australian names into my venue and working with hundreds of bands, agents and management I know that this industry is tough.  It's an eco system that requires mutual respect and cooperation between artists, venues and management.  I believe that by working together, towards the same common goal, to create more opportunities for original music and musicians in Australia we can achieve great gigs, events and careers. I moved to QLD and joined Beats Cartel 5 years ago and haven't looked back.  I love working with venues, artists and creative concept events.  I'm a big fan of blues, rock and roots and have a secret love for reggae and funk bands.   



"Thanks to Beats Cartel for putting on an absolutely rockin' Mojo Burning 2014 and bringing an exciting new festival experience to Brisbane.  A fantastic line up of Blues, Roots and Rock music from every corner of Australia.  A great experience to be part of - killer tunes, great people and wonderful hosts.  Bring on Mojo Burning 2015!"


"Great set up and 1st attempt at the 2014 Mojo Burning Fest.  We had a pumping time and will come back for some more dirty Mojo licks!" 


"Beats Cartel are a solid bunch and it's always a pleasure to work with them. They make great tunes too!"


"We aim to provide a positive cultural force for musicians in the Blues, Rock, Roots and Stoner genres.  We will work to change industry and consumer perceptions, to ultimately help acts move up the industry ladder and make a comfortable

living in their art."


"The Mojo Burning Festival is a movement of music lovers and real musicians who aren’t slaves to the pop propaganda but a perfect fuel of talent, creativity and respect which burns the roof of this all killer no filler Festival".

LUCKY COQ (Venue - Melbourne, VIC)

"Beats Cartel are a pioneer in the live music world when it comes to bookings, professionalism and quality bands that are sure to draw a crowd.  Lucky Coq has gone from booking bands on an individual basis to handing the reigns over to BC simply due to the high standard of service they provide."


"Mojo Burning was one hell of a weekend!  We had a blast (possibly too much fun). We got to meet/hang/drink/talk shit with some of the best dudes over the weekend and I can't really thank Beats Cartel enough for pulling it all together."


Beats Cartel was originally formed by Christian Tryhorn in 2010 as a 3rd party management tool when booking shows etc for Transvaal Diamond Syndicate.  It sometimes pays to have a representative, other than the band itself, dealing with the industry at large.  What began as mainly a gig bookings tool for the band soon led to stretching out into other band endeavours including poster design, servicing of new music, becoming their own record label for independent release, media releases, festival applications, social media promotions and marketing etc.  Anyone in an independent band trying to make it knows that you need to have your finger in a lot of pies!

In time spent on the road with touring in 2010 and early 2011, it was noticed that other bands on the touring circuit, also trying to make a living out of their art, were going about things in a way that wouldn't promote success.  So more starting with mate's bands, Beats Cartel started to act on behalf of a number of other bands, booking shows, sending press releases, servicing music, promoting online etc.  In 2013 Kim joined the team at Beats bringing along experience in venue and band booking, management and marketing. 

Beats Cartel now regularly books national tours for a number of artists, acts in a management capacity for a handful of acts when required, promotes and publicises the work of a number of bands and events, services new music to radio (registered AMRAP contributor), works directly booking a wide range of original music venues, organises and facilitates a number of festival events and provides artwork and website design for acts on a regular basis.  BC have also just started working with a number of small businesses in a promotional capacity, have launched the BeatsRADIO digital radio show through The AU Review, an e-TV channel focusing on interviews, filmclip production and live footage called BeatsTV and are in the process of setting up the BeatsBUS, which will host guerilla gigs and provide an alt-stage for established  Exciting times.

The business became registered officially in late 2013.  Since then BC has gone on to book regular events in 9 venues/spaces (live original music) along with providing venue publicity, marketing and promotions.   BC has placed acts into hundreds of venues Australia and NZ-wide in the last 12mths and will continue to do so.


2014 also saw the inaugural 'Mojo Burning Festival' launched with a repeat in 2015 and 2016, hosting some 27 acts over 3 stages.  The event turned out to be a great success and will feature on our annual calendar of events.  Mojo Burning has grown in punters each year with the 2017 edition taking place on Saturday 25 March at the Hamilton Hotel in Brisbane.

Towards the future... Beats Cartel is looking to lock down a small stable of Blues/Roots/Rock/Stoner artists with a solid work ethic, to take them further in their artistic endeavours.  Another Festival is in preparation stages for the Sunshine Coast, along with the annual organisation and service of Mojo Burning Festival, Beards Brews and Blues Festival, The Sunshine Coast Beard and Moustache Competition, Sea n Sound Festivaland a monthly yacht-cruise/live music endeavour, A Set Adrift.  BC will also aim to lock down the entertainment bookings of further venues to help boost opportunities for original artists in the scene and is planning the inaugural Australian Independent Blues Roots and Rock Awards for 2017.

Beats Cartel welcomes your feedback and enquiry.  Please email



I've been involved in bands and playing in the music scene for 18 years.  I started in bands in Central QLD where I grew up, also organising gigs and lineups.  Travelled various parts of the world in my 20's, playing in Europe, NZ, Canada and Japan, then came back to Brisbane to start Transvaal Diamond Syndicate.  Aside from booking our own regular 70+ date tours around Oz and self-managing a band from start-up to becoming a regular on the national Blues Roots Festival circuit, I was noticing that there were many artists with not much idea on where to start with promotions/management etc.  Thus Beats Cartel was born.  I'm keen to work with a stable of acts and pass on what i've learnt (the hard way haha) along with growing the overall scene nationally through working with original acts and music venues, eventually placing select bands into overseas markets.  CONTACT:


Me? I’m keen and I love meeting passionate people! Interested in vocals from a young age, I’ve journeyed far and wide through musical genres from Soul and RnB grooves to Folk/Roots/Reggae, Blues Rock and more recently Pysch/Rock (Yeahh the Gizz). As a teen my older brothers owned a live music venue which provided a quality space for new acts to play and for me my first taste of the music industry! I love festivals and mid-week gigs and enjoy filling my days finding new artists to listen to. Having travelled the Australian festival circuit as a backing vocalist I understand what it takes to create balance in the music industry and I’m pumped to join with Beats Cartel to work with artists and venues alike to keep the good vibes rolling!